Field Entomology Course for Arborists, Landscapers and Nursery Growers.

I just got back from a fantastic - Field Entomology For Arborists - course at Queen's University Biological Research Station (QUBS) North of Kingston. A 2-day workshop filled with interactive activities designed to sharpen your scouting, identification and management skills for pests and beneficial insects of trees and shrubs.

Now I can talk about tree infestations to clients with a little more authority than the other Guy. Bye, bye Imposter syndrome hello proper knowledge.

Hey, Where were all you Arborists!?

See you in Windsor next week for the Oak Wilt Qualification Course!

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Celebrating 100 reviews in Homestars!!

July 1st was a day for celebrations:


100 Reviews!

In Homestars.

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Twins Birthday!

Arthur and Casilda turned 3 years old.



Canada day!

Celebrating Canada’s full independence since 1867.

Read our review #100 here:

A tale of a Cat Rescue


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