Field Entomology Course for Arborists, Landscapers and Nursery Growers.

I just got back from a fantastic - Field Entomology For Arborists - course at Queen's University Biological Research Station (QUBS) North of Kingston. A 2-day workshop filled with interactive activities designed to sharpen your scouting, identification and management skills for pests and beneficial insects of trees and shrubs.

Now I can talk about tree infestations to clients with a little more authority than the other Guy. Bye, bye Imposter syndrome hello proper knowledge.

Hey, Where were all you Arborists!?

See you in Windsor next week for the Oak Wilt Qualification Course!

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Regent’s Park Second Life Tree to Lumber Project


Heritage Tree Care Inc. and Just be Woodsy are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Toronto Community Housing and Daniels Corporation on Regent’s Park Second Life Tree to Lumber Project.

We believe it will help to connect the people of Regent’s Park Community with their urban forest.

We aim to supply locally processed and stored lumber of various sizes and species for reuse at a significantly lower price compared to the store-bought product. The relevance of the provenance is a great added value at no higher cost.

We find it a privilege to harvest and process the timber from the trees at Regent’s Park redevelopment. This way, they will continue to have a presence in the lives of people who have a history with this space.

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Heritage Tree Care Inc. First Staff Meeting

Heritage Tree Care Inc. starts the season with a lot of excitement and good intentions!

Our improved version of Policies and Procedures together with a more sophisticated system of operations management and a well-structured training program based on safety, knowledge, and skill will guide our new and old staff members through this exciting stage of our growing Company.

“What I hear I forget,

What I see I remember,

What I do I understand”


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Heritage Tree Care Headquarters Nerve Centre

Heritage Tree Care headquarters nerve center is proudly made of salvaged wood from Toronto’s urban forestry.

We have a black walnut desk surrounded by a lovely variety of shelves made of cherry, black and white walnut, red oak, and mulberry. A nice and cozy set up for our daily office work.