A Day In The Life of HTC - The movie

Finally filming A Day In The Life of Heritage Tree Care, the movie.

We took advantage of the lovely weather of these days to get the shots in the yard. And they look beautiful!

Thanks to the crew for the work and effort.

Coming out spring 2020. Don’t miss it!

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Plant Appraisal Qualification Course

Last week Heritage Tree Care Inc. attended the Plant Appraisal Qualification Course imparted at Whitby, Ontario.

The course was thorough and interesting. The guide given is a very helpful tool for plant appraisal. In the Urban forestry industry, it is very useful to know how to define reasoned judgments about the value of trees and landscape plants. This helps us to become better arborists.

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Polish Festival 2018 – Competition Winner

Thank you all who participated in the Polish Festival 2018 competition.




We had many guesses

And here is the answer…


Congratulations to Elle Solmaz, the winner of 2018’s Polish Festival Competition. Enjoy your new local wood table!

From the thousands of entries last year, trying to guess how many wooden ‘cookies’ were in our jar there were some that took this very literally…


While others may not have gotten close but gave us a good laugh!


And then there were these guys…


We hope you enjoyed the challenge, and see you in future festivals!



Field Entomology Course for Arborists, Landscapers and Nursery Growers.

I just got back from a fantastic - Field Entomology For Arborists - course at Queen's University Biological Research Station (QUBS) North of Kingston. A 2-day workshop filled with interactive activities designed to sharpen your scouting, identification and management skills for pests and beneficial insects of trees and shrubs.

Now I can talk about tree infestations to clients with a little more authority than the other Guy. Bye, bye Imposter syndrome hello proper knowledge.

Hey, Where were all you Arborists!?

See you in Windsor next week for the Oak Wilt Qualification Course!

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Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 12.33.58 PM.png
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Regent’s Park Second Life Tree to Lumber Project


Heritage Tree Care Inc. and Just be Woodsy are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Toronto Community Housing and Daniels Corporation on Regent’s Park Second Life Tree to Lumber Project.

We believe it will help to connect the people of Regent’s Park Community with their urban forest.

We aim to supply locally processed and stored lumber of various sizes and species for reuse at a significantly lower price compared to the store-bought product. The relevance of the provenance is a great added value at no higher cost.

We find it a privilege to harvest and process the timber from the trees at Regent’s Park redevelopment. This way, they will continue to have a presence in the lives of people who have a history with this space.

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Our New Quoting Vehicle


Our New Quoting vehicle

There’s no city quite like Toronto. Joe and his bike are out early each morning to take in the city and make some positive tree work happen!

If you have any concerns about your trees or have been putting off getting some work done contact Heritage Tree Care. Who knows Joe might be cycling by right now!

Celebrating 100 reviews in Homestars!!

July 1st was a day for celebrations:


100 Reviews!

In Homestars.

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Twins Birthday!

Arthur and Casilda turned 3 years old.



Canada day!

Celebrating Canada’s full independence since 1867.

Read our review #100 here:

A tale of a Cat Rescue


Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

Tree Removal in the West End

Dealing with trees is not always as straight forward as it seems to many. They have intricate physiology. It’s important to remember that dead or dying trees or branches can fall at any moment, not just during severe weather and storm.

Tree removal can be a dangerous task that should not be attempted by a homeowner. Trying to remove a tree or branch yourself can create a hazardous situation in which both people and property can experience severe damage.

You should seek help from a professional and reliable tree removal company like Heritage Tree Care Inc. to determine if a tree should be removed or not. And then let the experts do it. They have the knowledge, skills, and the proper equipment to keep you and your home safe.