The Cat Is In The Bag…Literally!

It used to be that if your cat was stuck in a tree you could call your local fire department for help, but that’s not the case anymore, and certainly not in a city as large as Toronto. Not only are there a lot of risks involved for an inexperienced climber, but if there is a call regarding a human emergency while they’re up a tree, that’s a lot of precious time lost.

Fear not! Call your local arborist instead!

Heritage Tree Care finds it difficult to ignore the calls of concerned owners and neighbors that suffer the sound and view of these little animals calling for help. So far we have saved dozens over the years and we are happy to help as much as we can.

It can be difficult earning the frightened cat’s trust and getting them safely in the bag, but our crew of animal-loving climbers have a few tricks up their sleeve (and possibly a few treats as well). Plus, it is an extremely rewarding experience bringing our furry friends back down to the ground safely.

Cat’s are extremely resilient creatures and can survive almost two weeks up in a tree, and will often come down in the night when everything is calm and they regain confidence. But why do cats climb trees to begin with?

As well as being predators, cats are also prey and so being up in the trees helps them feel safe and gives them a good vantage point to spot potential dangers. On the ground, if a cat feels threatened, their first response will usually be to run away, and this may lead them to climb a tree for safety.

So if you don’t see Pumpkin by the back door this evening, look up in the trees! Those orange cats are a special case…

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