Largest Stem So Far!

Through snow & shine the Heritage Tree Care team managed to successfully conclude a three-day removal of this gorgeous but structurally compromised Oak tree. It was, to date, our largest stem so far, measuring 4 feet in diameter.

There are many reasons a tree like this may need to come down (in this case, there was a structural defect, a split in the side that made it a danger to all surrounding homes), and it’s always a shame. At Heritage we prioritize diagnosing and treating the tree before we consider removal, but in some cases it’s simply the only solution. When this is the case, we are careful to work safely and we treat the salvageable wood as a valuable resource, upcycing the wood with our partner business Putney’s, processing it into slabs, furniture, wood chips, firewood, and more.

Check out the video below and see us felling this beauty in slow-mo for yourself!

For homeowners, this size of a job can be intimidating. The concern that there will be damage to the property and surrounding structures is a real one. At Heritage Tree Care, we only take on jobs we are confident we can complete with little to no incident, often not only quoting but also visiting and revisiting the site to assess before accepting the job. Once the team assembles on removal day, another meeting to discuss all potential obstacles is held before work begins.

We’re fortunate to have the proper machinery to take on such large and exciting removals, such as our powerful Vermeer skid steer, pictured above. Having the right equipment not only makes a removal more efficient, but significantly safer, as is always our priority at Heritage Tree Care. This particular skid steer can safely lift up to 1600 lbs.

Jobs like this one are only made possible by our incredible team of dedicated arborists and ground workers. Removals of this size are especially challenging and rewarding, and always prove to bring us closer together as a crew. With everyone pulling together for 3 solid days of removal and clean up, the yard was left spotless and without damage– a job well done!

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