ISA certified arborist writing an arborist report to remove a dying tree


Heritage Tree Care, Toronto Arborists will provide you with a detailed report by an ISA certified arborist, and communicate with the City of Toronto on your behalf to:

  • Acquire an exemption from the Private-tree Bylaw for immediate removal of a dead, dying or imminently hazardous tree.

  • Acquire a permit for removal of an unwanted tree, over 30cm diameter at chest height*.

  • Acquire a permit to injure or destroy a tree for construction purposes, and develop a tree protection plan and tree protection zone where needed.


Permits are issued for removal only if the home owner agrees that a replacement tree will be planted on their property, as required by the Toronto Private Tree Bylaw. Preference is given to large-growing shade trees, and native species that are hardy to this climate. Let us recommend you a species of tree to fit your tastes and your yard!.



Tree Preservation By-laws are intended to encourage good forestry practices to protect and promote the value of trees in our community.  The by-law provides clear guidelines on the circumstances under which trees on private property may or may not be removed, and when permits are required. The Tree Preservation By-law’s focus is on individual trees. If you need information on construction related permits/protection  CONTACT US directly.