Scope of Work

  • Heritage Tree Care (HTC) will remove the specified tree(s) or branches as mutually agreed upon between the client and HTC, however, if upon an aerial inspection of the tree we discover a structural flaw in the tree that does not fit into the pre-planned or discussed intention, we shall continue to work with the long-term best interests of the tree as appropriate to its specific environment.
  • Scheduled work is subject to weather and other delays beyond our control. Generally, jobs that are scheduled with a client will be started in the morning between 8 and 10 a.m.

  • HTC will cleanup the property and all outlying properties thoroughly and completely and the work site will be left as we found it. However, with larger jobs, minimal damage such as dents in grass, the odd broken flower, or a bit of sawdust may arise. No hard structures will be affected, but please note that we are not responsible for the damage of any defunct, decayed or dilapidated fences, gates, etc.

  • Usable firewood will be cut to length for use of the client or will be left in a prominent area in the client’s front yard for neighbourhood use.

  • Work site area conditions/expectations will be clearly outlined on the reverse of the Quotation Sheet given to the client (ie: cars must be moved, other contractors must not be moving through the area, etc.) PLEASE NOTE: you must notify your neighbours of upcoming work especially if HTC needs to enter their yard to access the tree being worked on/if the branches HTC works on come from their tree. Please ensure that you communicate this information to your neighbours prior to our arrival in order to avoid any delays.